UK Hindu's Challenge British Wheel Rule

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UK Hindu's Challenge British Wheel Rule

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British Wheel of Yoga accused of "Colonial Arrogance and Religious Denigration" as it tries to enforce its dubious status as the "Governing Body of Yoga". 


"One wheel to rule them all...... and one Wheel to bind them, One Wheel to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them! in the land of Sleaford where the grasping Yogis lie.."

Great Britain, the birthplace of the Slave trade, the Pillaging Crusades, the Zulu wars, the rape of India, the Malaysia and Amritsar massacres ..... the Fountainhead of Domination and Control .... meets Yoga!

So what is it about this little grey rock stuck in the cold waters of the Eastern Atlantic which spawns so many control freaks? If it sits still long enough, quick .. fear it, regulate it, control it!..... OK not everyone is like that but those that are or have been ... well their shadow has been cast  far and wide for a couple of millenia now. Its almost as tho' they perfected their craft of "crowd control" here on the domestic population and then went forward to conquer and colonise, and its still going on it seems - in Sleaford. What started with the best of intentions, the BWY, has long become a byword for control freakery and domination, the very antithesis of its purpose the support of the practices for the liberation of the human spirit. The latest news is that the hitherto sleeping (like Vishnu!) largest community of Yoga practitioners in the UK, the Hindu's themselves, have decided that the Wheel with its links to the Home Office and its desire to influence statutory regulatory policy, has become a thorn in the asana ...... to read what the Hindus are miffed about click on the link below.


You cant ignore the Yamas and Niyamas

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Why does everyone especially wannabe Yoga Teachers want to get on a mat and start doing asana straight away? Ask yourself the same question and dont take the first knee jerk answer which pops up from the part of your minds which leaps in with glib lies all the time. Ask yourself the question, roll the question over in your mind, let it sink in, think about it and then after a few minutes, the real answer will come up without you looking for it. Look lets get one thing straight - REAL Yoga is a PERFECTION. Like all construction projects, the foundations are the MOST IMPORTANT - I mean what is the point in discovering that the foundations of your beautiful glitzy skyscraper are weak, after you have built forty storeys tall?

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Colonisation of Yoga..

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“The crux of the matter rests, not merely in the resistance to the predatory nature of the present Eurocentric status quo, but in conceiving viable sociocultural alternatives (Churchill, 1996).”

Easterners are often quoted expressing their worries at the way in which their cultural richness is being seized, twisted and warped and then represented in a shallow impotent and theme park version of its original form. What is rarer is for a Westerner to not only recognise this phenomenon but to speak of it with such empathy. Our dear friend Andrea does just this.

Read more: Colonisation of Yoga..

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