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For beginners and practitioners alike there is currently so much that it is hard to find out where to begin or how to progress further. This is the place for Yoga practitioners and teachers to freely share "real" yoga knowledge and experience and to help each other deepen their practise.

"Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it"

~V for Vendetta

Yoga at its heart is Freedom from all chains. In ancient times Yogi's were few and none had the temerity to masquerade. A liberated soul was identifiable by his stillness and complete self sufficiency, only by needing nothing could a Yogi give of himself. And so Yogi's were connected to all life and served all of humanity and all of humanity sought to give them shelter and respect and life flowed.

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The Yogi's Goal

Yoga = Mukti = FREEDOM!

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The West is "evolving" Yoga ... oh yes and and the Earth is flat

vertex message Welcome to the world of REAL yoga. So whats different about this site? There are millions of "Yoga Students" and Yoga Teachers and we would go as far as to say that well over 90% havent got a clue about what they are playing with and most are not going to make much progress for several more lifetimes.

How are you going to spot these false Yogi's? We are here to help and here's the first sign to look out for. Just think about when you were learning arithmatic at school. So first you learned the numbers and then you learned to add 1 plus 1 equals...and so on. So here's the first Question - Was "Maths" evolving or where YOU evolving? .... Did you go around telling the kids in the lower school that you were "evolving" maths? Did you go around prancing about this new wisdom you had developed called MeMe Math? If you had what would the older kids who had learned to subtract and multiply have thought of you?...

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